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Meyers-Briggs Reported Personality Type: ENFP - Warmly enthusiastic, high-spirited, ingenious, imaginative. Able to do anything that interests them. Quick with a solution for any difficulty and ready to help anyone with a problem. Often rely on their ability to improvise instead of preparing in advance. Can usually find compelling reasons for whatever they want.

Popular occupations for ENFP personalities: Consultant, salesperson, employee assistance counselor, public relations specialist, research assistant, social worker, psychologist, career counselor, rehabilitation worker, journalist.                                                                


Sigi3 results
  • Contribution to Society - Essential
  • Leadership skills - Very Important
  • Health - High
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences - High
                        Personality Type: (Listed top 3 in order from most like me to third most like me).  
  • Social
  • Enterprising
  • Investigative