Kyle Sphire - Business Portfolio


Below are some of the personal skills I have gained as a result of personal experience, various occupations, and my personality type. These skills are essential to who I am as a person and what I am capable of providing to others based on these experiences.

Meditation - I have learned many self-meditation techniques that induce a deep trance state and relax the mind and body. Among these techniques, i frequently practice zen, chakra, and self-inquiry meditation. Meditation allows me the opportunity to understand my own thoughts and clear them out of my mind. It also allows me the opportunity to positively cope with stressors and make decisions with a clear mind.

Self-hypnosis - Inducing a trance state very similar to meditation, self-hypnosis involves auto-suggestion to the subconscious mind to illicit a certain behavior. Self-hypnosis has given me the opportunity to overcome lifelong fears and anxiety in various situations.

Leadership - Most of my leadership skills have been acquired through over six years of being in the United States Army and my time in ROTC here at Ball State. I have made plans and carried them out for several troops under my command in the most stressful situations. Many times this involves simulated combat situations where a mission has to be created and carried out. Some of these plans include operations orders, risk assessments, pre-combat checks of required equipment, and evaluations of soldiers under my command.

Humor - When used in the correct situation, humor can ease stress or tension amongst a group of people whether in the workplace or during leisure time. I have practiced for open mic nights at comedy venues and was voted the funniest person in my senior class. Although this is a trait that is normally not considered to be of importance upon face value, it reflects a part of my personality that is geared toward creating a positive environment in certain appropriate situations.